Premier counseling is 25 stars out of a 10!!! They are professional, helpful, and so kind... I would recommend them to anyone. They’ve helped me with not just substance abuse issues, but also with how to better myself & my life. I recently lost my brother to an overdose, and the groups have been more helpful to me than any other treatment or programs I’ve been to in my life! I am so grateful for Ryan, Kent, and Ashley... The staff here is phenomenal! Thanks so much guys!
— Chelsea H.
I graduated from this treatment center and I could not imagine going anywhere else. Ryan is the most amazing Group Leader anyone could ask for. The funny thing is I always looked forward to group and our conversations. Everything was just so real...I do miss it so much and am vary grateful for such an amazing Counselor. When I was going through since of the ruffest times I had my group..I am so grateful for the experience with this program. and love this place!
— Rylee B.
The leaders that run this organization shows sincerity and emanate a great energy. I was very hesitant in starting prime for life, but i quickly felt welcomed and not judged for why i was there. We talked about the problems around the drugs and alcohol not just the addiction. I enjoyed the deep conversations about life and the power of thoughts. I would recommend this organization to anyone!
— Joshua G
Premier Treatment is one of the best outpatient programs i have been to. The counselors that run group are actually there for us in treatment and don’t have their own agenda or preconceived notions on how groups should be run. They are more worried about actually getting patients sober and living with sobriety rather than trying to get you in trouble and thrown in jail for small mistakes or messing up. Definitely recommend going here and giving Premier a chance you wont be disappointed!
— Jason F.
Premier Treatment program is a great company & great way to get your life back on track! I had some problems with alcohol after personal problems brought out the worst in me. Luckily Ryan & Kent Parke were here to help me get my life back on track in a supportive, friendly & helpful manner. Thanks guys!
— Liz C.
They are the best in town they helped me out a lot Ryan is the coolest guy you will ever meet in your life!!! Give them a shot they are good people!!!
— Brian D.
The Premier Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program is a great choice for treatment. They helped me tremendously. After researching many different programs, I chose Premier for their reasonable prices and friendly and helpful atmosphere.The staff was friendly, very helpful, and easy to talk to. I enjoyed the weekly groups and the topics we discussed.
— Rebecca C.
I have been attending Premier for a year now and the people here are some of the most understanding and empathetic people I’ve ever met. I’ve learned so much during my treatment here and I continue to learn more everyday that I attend group.
I would recommend Premier to anybody seeking counseling due to substance abuse or drug charges.
— Coby C.